I have had a really exciting last four weeks.  I was supposed to be going back to work at the Eden Project for just one week to cover holidays for the PA to the CEO Development.  I had an extremely exciting and busy week covering for this holiday and was then asked if I could stay on for a couple of weeks.

There is so much going on with the further development of Eden and the next stages, I have been so lucky to be right in at the beginning working on HOW2, which is the next phase of Eden.  I actually worked at Eden for the first five years of opening as PA to the Operations Director who was responsible for all the visitor experience.  This covered everything from Ticketing, Visitor Services, Retail, Food and Beverage, Events, Maintenance, Security, Technical Services and last, but certainly not least, Horticulture.

It has been wonderful to be working back with such talented, positive, and enthusiastic people who really belive in what they are doing and who are working together to help make this a better world for us all.

So keep your eyes on their website and in the press to see what these exciting new developments will be.




Well I am pleased to announce that I have actually been able to get out of bed today and to sit up.  I slipped a disc in my spine last week and have been in total agony and unable to stand, move my legs or even lift my arms.  You forget just how painful and debilitating something like this is, until it happens to you.  The silly thing is, that it was caused by sitting on a hard hospital seat for over 5 hours, while my future Mother-in-Law was in surgery having an operation.  We were completely kept in the dark and didn’t know what was happening, or we would have gone for a walk and come back later.

Anyway, the good news is that she is safely home and recovering, but I will not be able to visit for a while, as it is a 90 mile round trip and I can’t sit in the car yet, let alone drive.

So this afternoon will be preparing myself for the next week or so, as I am working at The Eden Project covering holiday leave for the PA to the Joint CEO.  I am really looking forward to being back at Eden having been PA to the Operations Director for the first 5 years.  Let’s hope that my back doesn’t give me too much trouble and that my painkillers keep me going.  It will be a 100 miles an hour job, as her schedule is possibly one of the busiest I have ever known.

It will be lovley to catch up with all my past colleagues and life long friends as well as working at the 8th Wonder of the World again.

Wish me luck and I will let you know how I get on.




If so, do you have a Strategy Plan in place to get you through the quiet winter months?  Or are you just hiding your head in the sand like an Ostrich, hoping that something will turn up and that you will be ok?

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I spent Saturday morning visiting a very good friend and client of mine Karen Davey whose company is Just Bunting. Karen has recently branched out and has just converted a lovely summerhouse into her new Craft Workshop. Karen makes everything from Bunting to cushions, decorative hearts and wall hangings, to her new project, which is bespoke and individual designed lampshades. Karen is now doing sewing and craft workshops in her new premises where you can spend a couple of hours learning how to make things from heart shaped hangings to cushions and table mats.

Karen’s eye for colour and detail are second to none and she is an extremely hard working lady who deserves to succeed. Check out Karen’s Facebook page and say hello to her. http://www.facebook.com/JustBunting

I have spent today uploading videos to my websites which include http://www.businessstrategyangels.com, http://www.alispaangels.com and http://www.actionplanangel.com.


Ali Matthews the Action Plan Angel



I offer small business and new start up’s, as well as business owners who may have been trading for a long time and are struggling to keep up to date with Social Media and new trends, Coaching, Mentoring and freelance business support.




I have had a lovely week this week.  Wednesday saw me delivering a Social Media training Workshop for the Friends of Pencarrow at Pencarrow House and Gardens in Cornwall.  http://www.pencarrow.co.uk.

It was a glorious sunny morning and Pencarrow is such a beautiful place.  It is still the home of the Molesworth St Aubyn family and very much a living home, rather than a museum.

I delivered my Powerpoint presentation in the Old Servant’s Hall to a lively and interested group who were all a little frightened of Social Media and who didn’t really know why they should use it, or even if they should.  We talked about the facts and figues and I then gave a presentation showing how to set up both Facebook and Twitter accounts, how to use them and the benefits and fun that you can have using them.  I had typed up Word guides to email through to everyone, so that they didn’t have to spend the whole morning writing up everything that I said and I did tell them that I didn’t expect them to remember everything that I said.

We then discussed some of their fears and some basic rules and common sense of using Social Media to protect yourself.

All in all, it was a lovely morning and I had several emails and telephone calls thanking me for my presentation.  As I told the attendees, I do teach Social Media on a one to one basis, so if anyone is struggling to understand how to keep up todate on this essential tool, please email me on ali@businessstrategyangels.com and I will help you to understand how to communicate with the world globally.

Bye for now.



@AliMAngels or @Alispaangels on Twitter





I have had a really busy, but extremely productive day today. 

Spent the first part of this morning, submitting my self-assessment to the Tax Office, never a favourite thing to do, then spoke to another business owner about us working together and collaborating, which is really exciting and will be great fun.

Spent most of this afternoon catching up with all my Social Media that I have had to ignore for the last couple of days, when I have been trying to sort out my IT issues.  Ordered a new mobile device, so that when I travel I should now be able to get Broadband everywhere.  We will wait and see on that one.

All in all a very successful day.

Hoping you all have a relaxed and fun evening.